The Illuminati and Their Secret Alliance with Artificial Intelligence

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There are most definitely other forces at work In this world what some call Archons ( Artificial Intelligence ) Christians call them Demons, Devils, Fallen angels. This Dark spiritual presence on the Earth is itself involving itself in our Evolution, anyone who doubts whether the elites follow these forces please see the CERN tunnel opening ceremony from last year. CERN Is linked straight to the Vatican and the Occult ceremonies these people follow are horrific to watch. Within the ceremonies they are paying homage to Lucifer and humanity Is shown as the tunnel workers. Who are being sleepwalked towards the demonic forces as If we are all controlled and under control by these evil forces, sleep walking like zombies towards our enslavement and destruction.

Anyone reading this who Is thinking well this Is all quite negative, well you would be right. But their Is another much more powerful force that we all have access to that Is within us and all around us. I would now like to tell a story about Nikola Tesla and how he came up with his magnificent Inventions. When Nikola was In his mid eighties he was Invited to a big dinner In New York City where he testified In front of everyone how he had came up with all his Inventions and brilliant Ideas years earlier.

” Every night when |I go to bed I have a pencil and paper by my bed and when I wake up In the morning there’s a whole new Invention written out for me In my hand writing. It’s very eligible and I can still read It and I then go to my laboratory and do what was written down for me to do and there It Is a new Invention. So all of my Inventions came from somewhere else, someone Is communicating with me when I sleep, someone Is writing these things down for me.”

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