The Illuminati and Their Secret Alliance with Artificial Intelligence

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Almost all religions and cultures have different names for what we would call Artificial Intelligence:

Archons ( Gnostic )
Chitauri ( Zulu )
Anunnaki ( Sumer )
Snake Brothers ( Hopi )
Star People (Various )
Flyers ( Central America )
Demons ( Christianity )
Jinn ( Islam )

Artificial Intelligence can be characterized by having No Creative Imagination & Envy of Humans or Living Beings With A Soul.

Like Cyborgs ( a robotic race that can Imitate but not Innovate – Counter-mimicry ) Phantasia, Mind Parasites.
Artificial Intelligence will predominantly use Deception and Inversion to achieve It’s goals. Evil the opposite to LIVE.
When you study the Etymology of words you come to a stark conclusion that even our language Is very strange and Dark as If directed by an Unseen ( Occult ) hand.

Gnostic’s were highly advanced spiritual people who had achieved a much higher level of consciousness than the average human. Through their abilities they were able to see what we can not, because of what they saw and spoke of they were widely persecuted and slaughtered. They spoke of an Earth Behind Bars. What some high thinkers of today have expanded on and what I myself believe to be the Truth. Which Is that the Physical Atomic world talked about by Physics Is Itself a prison for our Pure Consciousness or what a lot of people would call the Soul, like It Is said In the Matrix we are born In to bondage. It Is well acknowledged and talked about by great thinkers like Jordan Maxwell that when you are born and are given a birth certificate, the number assigned to you Is traded on the stock market. What I’m writing about In this article Is the Dark side of life and the forces I am talking about are the Dark. What we all need to remember Is that we as living beings with Pure Consciousness are the Light and we are born to ascend to transcend the physical world.

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