9 Best Practices for Using Typography in Web Design

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4. Correctly Use Vertical White Space

The correct use of white spaces between lines of text not only boosts visibility and visual appeal but also improves legibility.

Failing to allow the right line height measurements can make your website to appear cluttered and fail to draw the reader’s interest.

You should consider applying the right line height between the lines of text on your website for better typography.

5. Make Good Use of Color Contrast

Color plays a huge role in web typography best practice. Therefore, carefully contrasting the text and background colors can boost the legibility of texts.

6. Consider the Message You Wish to Relay

How a message is received and interpreted by the end users will largely depend on the penmanship.

To convey a message in a design effectively, ensure that your choice of fonts does not change the intention of the message.

For instance, if your aim is to create and communicate a happy and relaxed atmosphere, formal fonts would not suffice — and screaming or “scary” fonts would not work either.

Therefore, follow font best practices to realize effective designs.

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