8 Southern Etiquette Rules You Should Follow Every Single Day

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In the South, we pride ourselves on several things. Our food, our ability to handle humidity, our family, and, most importantly, our manners.

In fact, our first words were probably “yes, ma’am” and “please pass the butter.” Here at Draper James—a place where the motto is “grace and charm”—manners are something we’re pretty big on.

But as much as these Southern etiquette rules are ingrained in us from the day we’re born, sometimes we forget.

When we don’t have our mamas reminding us to write thank you notes like they used to, it slips our minds. When we’re too engrossed in our phones and screens, saying “hello” to those passing us on the street becomes nonexistent.

Nashville-based Abby Green, a Draper James gal and face of the Instablog @putonkindness, is here to change that.

As an etiquette instructor at Southern Grace, an etiquette program for young girls and boys, Abby is an expert on the ins and outs of Southern manners. Not only does she know how to write a proper thank you note, she also knows how to set a table and make any guest feel immediately welcome in her home.

Below, read Abby’s eight Southern etiquette rules everyone (Southerner and non-Southerner, alike) should know.

Study up, y’all. There might be a quiz…

Abby wears the Parton Check Mary Beth Halter Dress, one of summer’s newest arrivals.

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