8 Nick Shows of the 90s That Would Make Great Comics

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KaBlam! was honestly this writer’s favorite show growing up in the 90’s. It was the perfect brand of sketch comedy and different animation to keep me entertained throughout its four-season run. The show had hilarious and mad regular shorts within their episodes like Sniz & Fondue, Life with Loopy, and Prometheus and Bob. You also can’t forget the best hosts and best friends Henry and June. If something like KaBlam!were to work, I’d personally love to see it in comic form. It would be insanely incredible to bring in new bonkers shorts. Honestly, I can see KaBlam! as a comic anthology that carries a team of creators that build those stories in rotation from time to time. It’s a mix of random, bizarre, funny, nonsense stories that don’t make any damn sense, but still brilliant all the same. See it

The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Jesse J. Barboza (deviantart.com/jbwarner86)

This Canadian-American show slipped so many radars. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo revolved around Shelby Woo, a teenage girl who lived with her grandfather, Mike Woo who is an innkeeper. Shelby is a smart, rambunctious and intelligent teenager who is also an intern at the police station. Shelby solves crimes with her two best friends (and two friends who replace those friends) around Cocoa Beach. It would be insanely cool if this show were reimagined as Nancy Drew mysteries for a new audience. Think about this though. Think of a tough as nails and gruff reimagining of Nancy Drew in the way Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Call me for this pitch anytime. See it

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