7 Strong Steps To Create An Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Meal

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When everyone is gathered around the table this Thursday, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re enjoying an eco-friendly Thanksgiving meal?

We’ve developed 7 simple ways you can make this Thanksgiving greener than those in the past. We’ll start with your grocery list, and then give you other suggestions to put you well on your way to a greener Turkey Day!

1) Buy Locally Sourced Food

Shopping local means trying new foods that might be outside your comfort zone – but they’ll be tasty!

Challenge yourself this year and try to cook at least 75% of your meal from foods grown in your area (or at least the state you live in). It really is possible!

Local farms grow pigs and turkeys, while others harvest beautiful squash, pumpkin and other veggies this time of year. If you’re in Texas, pecans are in season for your pecan pies, and folks in the northern US enjoy in-season cranberries for fresh cranberry sauce.

Eating local means food travels less of a distance to arrive at its destination. This saves on transportation costs and fuel emissions, and it also doesn’t require refrigeration for as long. This alone saves energy in the larger scale of staying green.

Head to your local Farmer’s Market and give thanks to the families bringing you such wholesome foods each week. Be proud that you know the faces of the folks who grew and produced the food for your Thanksgiving meal !

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