7 Best Comic Maker Apps for Android and iPhone

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We all love reading story books with beautiful images, and comics alike! But that is not all! Many a time, we wonder if we could actually write up a storybook on our own. While that can be pretty hectic if you pen down the whole story and then consequently draw the characters, there’s a second and lot easier method to do the same! Simply use your smartphone. That’s it. There are innumerable apps present both in Play Store and App Store to frame beautiful stories with magnificent graphics and picturesque backgrounds. Some of them even allow for the animation feature. Here is the list of 7 of the greatest story and comic maker apps for you. They are all absolutely free and equally enjoyable too.

Top 7 Comic Maker Apps

1) Frameless


It is a very interesting app which lets you make stories in a comics like format. It also gives you the option to choose your own characters by clicking on the “sticker” option. You will have to design every page of the comics separately to come up with a full-fledged comics book. For that, you will have to go to the edit section. You can also choose the background to be either indoor or outdoor by tapping on the background option. You can even take photos at the instant and then make those photos a part of your comics.

Also, this app offers you three types of bubbles to input the characters’ dialogues in. The three kinds of bubbles are Caption, Thought, and of course Speech!

You might pick up characters from their inbuilt library or if you want you can even import your own photos instead! Thereby carving out a comics character out of your own picture! That really sounds amazing. But, trust us the first-hand experience was even better!

It is best suited for those who want to use the mind of their own to make beautiful comics strips. With a little practice of just a few minutes, you will learn very early how to use this app.

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