5 Things You Must Know Before Creating Your Website

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Creating a Logo

Your logo is your brand’s identity. From your physical store, to your business cards and website, it is the single most recognizable aspect of your business that will tie it all together. Choosing the right logo is no easy feat, but whatever your line of business, these resources will guide you on the right path.

Picking a Domain

Your domain name is how people will find you on the internet. Generally speaking, most people pick a domain that matches their business name – but what do you do when your business name is already associate with another .com domain? Don’t be discouraged, there are a ton of new and innovative domain suffixes that are available for your online address. From the personal touch of a .me domain to the badass flair of a .ninja URL – it might be worth exploring alternative domain names for your website.

Just like the text tips we listed above, when it comes to your URL, the shorter the better.  So, if your company is called Marty’s Funky Amazing T-shirts – shorten it so your domain looks like this: Martysfunkytees.com.

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