5 Things You Must Know Before Creating Your Website

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Your website is the foundation of your internet existence. It is the bridge that connects your great products and services to the online community that is your market and audience. In today’s world, it is almost impossible for a business to succeed without a firm web presence. After helping millions of people around the world get their business online, you could say we’ve become an authority on what it takes to create a killer website.

Even if you already have a website, reviewing these points may shine a light on that one thing you overlooked. Use this guide as your resource to make the process of creating your own website a whole lot easier.

Utilizing Text

Your text is the backbone of an effective web presence. They say that the average human attention span has shortened to just eight seconds over the last decade, so the language you use on your website must be clearer and more accessible than ever before. Content will add tremendous value to your website when used correctly. Not only will great content help your audience swiftly locate the information they are seeking, strong text can also increase your chances to rank higher in search engine results.

When it comes to your website’s text, keeping things short and succinct is best. Typically speaking, your website will have a lot of information: a homepage, an about section, details about your offerings by way of a ‘portfolio’ or ‘products and services’ page – oh and don’t forget that oh so important ‘contact’ page. With all that information you may be tempted to type up long bits of text. Resist that urge. Experts suggest using no more than 150 words per page on your website. And most importantly, remember what your business stands for. Is the image you’re presenting more light hearted or serious? Is your tone more formal or down to earth? When writing your website’s text, use a style that echoes your brand’s unique identity throughout your site. Being consistent provides your customers with an integrated and memorable experience.

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