31 Kickstarter tips to help crush your campaign goals

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I’ve been running Kickstarter campaigns since 2014, and backing them since way before then. In fact, I just realized I joined Kickstarter all the way back in 2011, even though I didn’t run my first project for 4 more years.

Since I started running campaigns, I’ve raised over $70,000 across seven different campaigns from children’s books, to novels, to comics, and worked with dozens of other creators on their campaigns.

Across all the years I’ve been working with Kickstarter, some common tips stand the test of time, and that is what I’ve compiled here. Below are the thirty-one best tips I’ve ever heard about Kickstarter across 4 years and 7 campaigns, which have collectively raised over $70,000.


You should be building your audience for at least three months before you launch a campaign. You can’t be successful in crowdfunding without a crowd.

That means showing off your project, starting a Facebook group, beefing up your social media presence, making press contacts, and building a newsletter.

The more time you have to build your network and prep them for a Kickstarter project that’s coming, the more likely they will be to back your campaign when it’s time.

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