10 Outdated Etiquette Rules You No Longer Want to Use

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3.)   Gentlemen, you no longer need to wait until a lady extends her hand. You’re free to offer your hand first. While this is now the proper modern etiquette in the United States, it does vary from country to country. You’ll find it safer to wait for the lady to extend her hand in some European countries and in all Muslim nations where it’s best not to initiate touching, including handshakes, with a  woman.

4.)   Kissing a lady’s hand is now considered pretentious instead of polite. People should be greeted with a handshake in business situations and a handshake or a hug, depending on your relationship with the individual, in social situations.

Hand-kissing has always been more Continental than American. Did you know that it was only considered proper to kiss the hand of married ladies? Single women were simply offered a slight bow in the olden days!

Today, hand kissing is too formal for our everyday encounters. So gentlemen, when in Rome, help yourself! But, when in Chicago, or Boise, or anywhere else in the USA, extend your hand for a proper handshake!

5.)   Men no longer have to enter the backseat of a cab or Uber first. Here’s an outdated etiquette rule that a lot of people never knew existed. While it’s common for ladies to go first in most social situations, this never applied to entering the backseat of a car.

The gentleman would open the door for the lady, then step in front of her and enter the backseat of the car first, leaving her to close the car door.


Because more often than not, the lady was wearing a dress, and it’s difficult to slide graciously to the other side of the backseat of a vehicle in a dress.

We now take a more commonsense approach because other drivers on the roads have become less patient. The person who can most quickly navigate to the seat behind the driver enters the car and scoots over, allowing the other person just to enter and close the door. That way, the car spends the least amount of time stopped and blocking cars behind it.

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