10 Outdated Etiquette Rules You No Longer Want to Use

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1.)   Remaining seated during an introduction. A generation ago there were only a few exceptions to the rule that a lady never stood up to shake hands or while being introduced.

Today, especially in a business setting, a woman should always rise (literally!) to the occasion of meeting or saying hello. For more information on this cornerstone of modern manners, check out this post: When to Stand and Why.

2.)   Waiting to extend your hand, or extending it in a “princess-like” fashion, instead of offering a correct handshake. Our handshake is our olive branch and nonverbal invitation to “Come on over and join in!”

Have you ever received a handshake that just didn’t feel right? It was as if the other person was afraid you had cooties or didn’t want to commit to fully connecting with you. That doesn’t leave you with a great impression of the other person, does it?

If you’ll notice in the photo above in this blog post, the lady is extending her hand in what’s commonly referred to in etiquette circles as the “cold fish,” “princess,” or “finger-tip” handshake. While girls and ladies were once taught to offer their hands in this dainty way, offering a hand in this fashion keeps the other person from being able to shake it properly.

There is a best practice for shaking hands, and you’ll find it in this post on How to make a Great First Impression — The Five-Step Formula.

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