10 Green Living Tips For Your Family

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Small changes make a big difference, and along the way, you’re educating your child that the Earth and its resources are important. And It certainly helps that a green life is a healthy life. 

Check out these tips to get your family keenly fired up to an environmentally.

1. Walk or Bike Whenever Possible

The lines to pick up the kids at school not only eat up time, but sitting for minutes at a time with an idling engine isn’t good for our air quality. Get the family moving outdoors by opting to walk or ride bikes to school, sports practice, to dinner, to run errands, and more. Consider investing in a child carrier if your child is 4 or younger to make the walk easier on them.

2. Grow Your Greens

Children love to garden! They just need the opportunity to do it, and you’ll see how much they benefit. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, a simple beginning can consist of filling pots with fertile soil and planting a few heads of lettuce or fresh herbs.

The trickle-down effect? You’re showing your child where food comes from, and you may be planting a seed for a future farmer! Plus, when you grow your own herbs, you eliminate the packaging waste when you buy them at the grocery store.

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