10 DC Characters Way Stronger Than Batman (And 10 Weaker)

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Bane is definitely one of the strongest villains in Batman’s rogues’ gallery. By the looks of things, Bane would be strong enough as is.

Once he’s gotten his dose of Venom, he’s a true force to be reckoned with.

We’ve all seen Bane in full freak mode in The Dark Knight Rises and Batman & Robin, but many readers will recognize the Venom-fueled villain from his role in the Knightfall story arc. In the arc, Bane frees all of the inmates of Arkham Asylum, leaving Batman to go through a gauntlet of lesser foes before getting to him.

Bane is able to make quick work out of Bruce Wayne, breaking his back and rendering him helpless for many issues to come.


Of all the villains Batman has gone to-to-toe with over the years, few can say they are ruler of an entire planet. Darkseid is one of the few who can.

Ruler of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid has had his eyes set on the title of ruler of the universe for some time now.

Not many have been willing to get in the way of Darkseid, but Batman is one of those who has managed to take the tyrant down a peg. In Final Crisis, Earth is under attack by Darkseid. The villain plans to unleash the Anti-Life Equation, making himself ruler over all sentient beings.

In a rare turn of events, Batman puts a stop to Darkseid with a radion bullet.

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